Handling Instructions

Handling, Finishing, and Installation Instructions

1. All Doors are Mill Sanded and do require Hand sanding before finishing.

2. Sand all surfaces with an orbital sander using 150-180 grit sandpaper.

3. Thoroughly sand over the entire door with a vibrator sander using 180 grit sandpaper or finer.

4. Apply all finishes as soon as possible after finish sanding. Finish all surfaces, including the top, bottom, and sides of the door. We recommend a Finish that has UV inhibitors for exterior doors. See your local finishing professional for finish applications.

5. Avoid using dark paint or stains on the door surfaces facing south, west or in direct sunlight.

6. Doors must be installed under a porch or overhang of some type. This over hang must extend out beyond the installed door one half the distances from the sill of the door to the bottom of the overhang to be covered by this warranty.

7. Defects on material or workmanship must be reported upon receipt and prior to installation.

8. Always put lath or plywood down before stacking doors or mouldings on concrete or any damp surface.

9. Interior wood products must be maintained under stable temperature and humidity conditions, 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and 35-50% relative humidity is required to be
covered by this warranty.

10. Do not expose doors to direct sunlight before finishing

11. Prompt, proper sealing and finishing is essential to maintain wood stability. Doors must be finished on all sides and edges within one (1) week of delivery to job site.

12. Replacement requests are subject to the inspection and approval of Good’s Millwork LLC.

13. Do not expose finish grade products to rain/snow while loading or unloading. Water spots will show up after job site finishing.

14. Any door which is reduced in height or width or altered in height or width in the field voids all manufacturers’ warranties regardless of how the finish is applied and cannot be returned for credit.

15. Good’s Millwork LLC reserves the right to postpone repair or replacement for warping up to 12 months, as it is not uncommon for a temporary warp condition to appear while the wood adjusts to local temperature and humidity throughout the first year after installation. This period will not be counted against the warranty.

16. Deliver doors to the jobsite after any interior masonry or plaster is cured and dry. All edges and surfaces of doors must be sealed if doors are stored on the job site more than one week.